About Us

Goings Meat Processing was founded in 1974 by W.D. Going. It was owned and operated under that management until 1992. We are still using the same recipe of smoked sausage that W.D. Going used that has that southern style twist and is unlike any other. Of course we are proud to continue that part of history. Now we have added many different styles of smoked sausages and have added many more items and choices to make your processed order more convenient in this fast paced world we live in today. The current ownership had worked for W.D. Going before making the accquisition of the company and are greatful to use the name that has been part of the community that we operate in for many years. 

Of course with the growing technology, we have been able to dispose of that old white butcher paper that was sure to freezer burn your product, and have added vacuum packaging to our daily packaging operation. Food Safety has become the #1 concern in our industry and with the computer age, has allowed us to monitor cooler/freezer operating temperatures, cook and cool down temperatures, production room temperatures, and general product temperatures to assure that our dedication to food safety continues to be priority one.

We will soon be coming up to our 47 year anniversary and have got to thank our customers for their support. Without them this 47 year run would not be possible. We will strive to make the next 47 years even better, with additional new products, research of new intervention for food safety, and customer satisfaction.